Basic Wireless Communication

 To use Wireless communication on the Lithne you need two libraries, one for LithneDuino (is included from LithneDuino v0.3) and one for Processing.The communication library allows for wireless communication between different Lithne nodes by using the XBee protocol.

Communication Library LithneDuino Communication Library Processing WindowsCommunication Library Processing Mac 

Three examples are included which allow for sending data from one node to the other, println to a remote computer with XBee Explorer (in combination with Processing) and measuring signal strength. If you need more detailed information; all fuctions are documented in the API docs for Arduino and the API docs for Processing.

Adjust the sketches to your needs, paying special attention to the XBee addresses, and upload them to the Lithne.

The Lithne library for LithneDuino and Processing are hosted on GitHub. In case you want to clone these libraries to your local drive, you can use the following addresses:

Library for LithneDuino

Library for Processing

Lithne as XBee Explorer

The Lithne can be used as an XBee Explorer, make sure the drivers for the Lithne are installed correctly. The installation process for the drivers can be found in the instructions for installing the Environment. See below for an instruction to find out which COM ports are being used for the XBee.

NOTE: In Windows the Lithne can also be used as an XBee explorer in combination with X-CTU, this might not always work. Make sure it shows up as "Lithne XBee direct" in X-CTU and try to connect it to another USB port.


If the drivers are installed correctly the Lithne Serial and Lithne XBee direct should be visible in the Device Manager on Windows as can be seen below. To open the Device Manager type devmgmt.msc in the start menu and scroll down until you see Ports (COM & LPT) and expand it. Remember the COM port for XBee direct as you will need it to connect to the XBee.



Launch LithneDuino, if you have not installed it please do so by following the instructions in Environment. The Lithne uses two COM ports, usually the first COM port listed is Lithne Serial. Try to Upload software to this port, the other port will be the port the XBee is connected to*. If you have uploaded the sketch succesfully but the Lithne is still behaving the same, you might have uploaded to the wrong COM port, try the other COM port instead.

*This is not a very neat solution, we will give instructions for a better solution in the future.