Before you can use the Lithne board, you need to install a customized Arduino Environment; LithneDuino. Currently a Windows Arduino Lithne IDE and a Mac Arduino Lithne IDE exist. When you have extracted the folder on your hard disk you should install the Lithne drivers that can be found in LithneDuino\drivers, after that you can use the Lithne as a regular Arduino.

Unfortunately we currently can’t offer Linux support for the Lithne boards. However, we are always looking for volunteers to expand our framework. Please head over to our Contribute page for more information.

Download Lithne IDE v1.1 for Windows Download Lithne v1.1 IDE for Mac


Setting up XBees

The Lithne allows for easy wireless communication between nodes and uploading of Arduino code over the same wireless network by use of an XBee.

To achieve this, it is important to set up the XBee Series 2 Radios. They should be set up in API 2 mode at 115200 Baud and have matching PAN ID's, furthermore it is recommended to enable channel verification.

Note: Don't forget to choose a unique PAN ID for your XBees so that they don't interfere with others.

Note: X-CTU, the program for changing the XBee configuration is only available for Windows. Alternative software for Mac users exists but we do not have good experiences with any of these programs.

Tip: The Lithne can also be used as XBee explorer.