Wireless Uploader

The Lithne Wireless Uploader tool allows you to re-program your Lithne boards wirelessly. You can therefore leave them built in your prototypes and environments. Download the Uploader, compile an Arduino sketch for Lithne and it will automatically find the right files to upload to the Lithne.

Wireless Uploader v15 WindowsWireless Uploader v15 Mac


  • Unpack the downloaded file to a convenient location on your computer, for example C:\ or C:\Program Files\
  • Run LithneUploader
  • Configure Serial Port to be the same as your XBee Explorer and set baut rate to 115200. To find out which COM port is used by the XBee explorer: Windows go to device manager (type devmgmt.msc in the start menu) and find "Ports (COM & LPT) here you will find a list of all devices connected to your computer and their associated COM ports; Mac In terminal type "ls /dev/tty.*" a list will be displayed with all connected devices and their associated COM ports.Lithne Upload Manager v0.14 15-07-2013 22-8-2013 093911
  • Connect to XBee (XBee Connection > "Connect XBee (ctrl + x)")
  • Compile your sketch in LithneDuino configured for Lithne (in LithneDuino select: tools > board > "Lithne")
  • Press "Scan Network" to get a list of nodes in your network.
  • Select the nodes you wish to upload to.
  • Press "Start Upload"
    Lithne Upload Manager v0.14 15-07-2013 21-8-2013 111601

Tip: you can also associate names to individual nodes type the name in the box and press update.


  • Prob: Can not find the latest Arduino sketch
    • Solution: Did you compile your sketch in the LithneDuino IDE for the Lithne board and leave the IDE open?
    • Solution: The program will look for your Temp folder where the Arduino Sketches are compiled; was it able to find it? otherwise try helping it by clicking 'Find Temp Folder'
  • Prob: Could not connect to XBee
    • Solution: Did you select the right COM port from the menu? And is the baud rate 115200?
    • Solution: Is the XBee in API2 mode?
  • Prob: Can not find nodes
    • Solution: Are all nodes on the same PAN ID and all configured the same (API2, baudrate 115200)?
    • Solution: In some cases enabling channel verification for Routers solves the issue.
  • Prob: Timeout during upload
    • Solution: Is the remote node running the latest firmware?
    • Solution: Is there a node in the network that is transmitting a lot?