DMX Shield

The DMX Shield allows you to quickly connect DMX controlled lights to your Lithne board. The DMX is connected to pin D11 of the Lithne board.

Additionally, you can connect up to four analog Phidget sensors to the board. The Phidget sensors are connected to pins A0-A3.


NOTE1: Make sure to check the Lithne DmxSimple Library page, this shield does not work with the standard library.

NOTE2: For shields of rev. 1.0 you will need to manually connect two ground lines of the board in order for the DMX to work properly. 

NOTE3: For shields of rev. 1.0, in order for the sensors to work; you will need to connect the 3v3 pin of one of the connectors to a 3v3 pin of the Lithne board 


We suggest you make these connections:


As mentioned in the notes above library you need to control the DMX Lamp from the Lithne, is the Lithne DmxSimple Lithne library, which is an adapted version of the original library. It allows you to set values for each DMX channel. More information can be found on the Lithne DmxSimple Library page.